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Reminiscing on the 1970s Princess Marguerite Water Ski Stunt with Bruce Amundson

Bruce Amundson is a Seattle local who grew up water skiing, and looking for adventure. In this episode, he takes us through his adventures water skiing behind the Princess Margeurite -- a large ferry that travels from Seattle to Victoria, BC. He shares about how the plan was hatched, and the ins and outs of how they pulled off the stunt without getting caught.

Talking with Bruce, it's obvious how passionate he is about water skiing, and also about the creative process that went into this stunt. I've never thought of sports as creative, but the way he explains and approaches it has convinced me :) He also shares about his beehives, and how he makes space for creative flow in his life.

Thank you Bruce for sharing your story, and for inspiring me to think outside the box. I can't wait to see what comes next for you!

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